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Want To Scrap Your ELV Or Car?

Want your vehicle taking away for free or would you like to get cash for your MOT failure, old end of life vehicle (ELV) or non runner? Well here at "www.scrap-car.co.uk" we can help. Our service connects you with UK agents, both near you and nationwide who will collect and dispose of your old vehicle such as light commercial vans, bikes and salvage projects.

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So in short scrapping your old redundant car could be worth money or at least free collection. Locations MOT Failures

How Much Cash For Scrapping My Car?

Obviously the amount you can receive will depend on the vehicle concerned or salvage project you are disposing and it's true value including any recyclable parts still on the vehicle and scrap metal prices, but also taking into account the expense to collect and dispose and inform the DVLA. However on saying this, most people should expect to receive some form of payment, which is negotiable with the relevant breakers and scrap yards who contact you and by law needs to be paid into your bank account. You have nothing to lose by filling in one simple form. Our scrappage agents are in areas from London to Scotland so their is a good chance of a quote. Scrap Car London

How Scrap My Car Buyers will Quote For Your Vehicle

Most buyers are busy people and will give you a quotation over the phone based on the information you give them, so be sure to describe your car, van or bike as accurately as possible, without any exaggeration, but be sure to include the positives. Key information such as having a long MOT, or good service history can add a few pounds to the quote offered. If the vehicle is not as described when the dealer comes to buy, he may choose to lower the quote or not buy at all. Remember the cost to collect can be considerate to the company.

Before an agent can collect your automobile, they will contact you to arrange a time that best suits you.

Looking For A Guide?

If you need more advice then we have written the the definitive guide.

It covers most aspects from takeback schemes to what parts could be of value. The Golden age of motoring to modern times.

Do Car Buyers Operate Near Me?

in most areas Yes! Here is A general list of where agents will operate or are prepared to travel too. within these main towns there are also, regional areas too.

Understand The Value

If you want to understand more about what your vehicle could be worth, then we hopefully have an interesting read.

Responsible Vehicle Disposal With Free Collection

We have an established network of buyers and agents of inoperative vehicles and salvage for a number of uses and reprocessing. The largest single demand is by breaker yards and dismantlers who have valid environmental and End of Life Vehicle (ELV) certificates, issued to them by the local authority to dispose of them legally. Approval is gained only after their yard has been inspected and certified by the Environmental Agency and Local Council.

Other older vehicle specialists recycle the cars investing in their restoration or using them for other purposes such as stock racing etc. Once your scrap car is collected, you will not have to worry about disposal, road tax or insurance as ownership is transferred.

What About The DVLA Paperwork?

It is crucial to get the DVLA documentation right and never allow a vehicle to pass ownership without some sort of paper trail.

Recycle My Car

Whether you car is used as a donor vehicle to keep other cars on the road, or melted down and its metals used to manufacture other items, over 95% of the components have to be recycled by law.

The actual process time depends whether you sell to a auto breaker yard, scrap metal merchant or treatment centre. The actual scrap value of you car, could be determined by which process occurs, what parts are desirable and scrap metal prices at the time.