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Getting The Best Scrap Car Prices In London

The UK capital has different challenges to disposing of and End Of Life Vehicle compared to more rural areas. The cost of living, property prices, dense traffic and lack of parking all have a negative affect on whether money is offered at all and there are other considerations to.

High Land and Property Prices

Breaker yards who trade within London have extra considerations to others nationwide. With property prices being at a premium, yards tend to be smaller, so vehicle selection more critical and the scrapping process has to be quicker.

Private property prices can also affect the life of an older car too. The lack of a private drive or garage takes away the option of DIY repairs, a decision that often keeps older cars on the road longer. Needing to pay for all repairs makes the cost of ownership higher and can send a vehicle to the scrap yard earlier than expected.

Of course garage repair bills and MOT failures, can also be more expensive. Higher rents and higher ages can lead to higher repair bills, consolidation the decision to scrap.

Reduced SORN Option

The lack of drives and garages and a greater need for “on street parking”, removes the option to use SORN. This is here you can opt to take the vehicle off the road for a period of time and not need to have it MOT’d, taxed or insured. It could give breathing space in order to get certain repairs fixed. Often good cars find themselves on the way to the breaker yard after a warning or fine has been issued.

London traffic at night

Dense Traffic Problems In London

When a breaker yard decides to collect and buy and old car he also has to consider the time and cost to collect. A 2 hour round trip can cost more than you think to a trader. There is the 2 hours of London wages, 2 hours of fuel, plus the cost of running a legal vehicle including insurance. This is all before your old scrap car has found its way back to its new home.

So here is the first tip.

  • “When trying to get a good price for your scrap vehicle, take some time to explain how easy it would be to collect. Even giving directions if need be”
  • You are indirectly saving the business some money in time. So it will make your car more attractive to buy.

    Access to London Back Streets

    Another consideration is what kind of recovery truck has to be used to collect your vehicle. A van with a car trailer is cheaper to run and easier to navigate through the back streets of London.

    So here is the second tip.

  • “Ensure the car (where possible” can be moved easily, with fully blown up tyres for example. The keys are present, or even better the cars starts up and drive”
  • Having to dispatch a lorry with a crane is more expensive and may not have the maneuverability to access here the owner lives, especially if there is little parking.

    Paperwork Is an Essential Key

    All car dealers spend a lot of time with paperwork, both at the time of purchase and at time of disposal. Anything that delays this process costs time and therefore money.

    So here is the third tip

  • “Tell your buyer that you have all the paperwork ready and it is all correct”
  • Good News About Scrapping A Car In London

    There is some good news from some scrap yards. Some need to have a large turnover to cover costs, so need as many vehicles as possible to scrap. So it is unlikely that you will not find someone to take your vehicle away. The real question is whether you get a good price or not. See if these tips help you.

    Sell The Features Of Your Car

    Space can be a premium in London, so deciding which vehicles to collect and strip for parts can make the difference to the bottom line.

    So here is the Fourth Tip

  • “Sell all the positive pints of your car. For example, alloy wheels, a good engine, good gearbox etc”
  • Make it worth the effort to collect and buy.

    In other parts of the UK, where costs are cheaper and breaker yards can be huge, it is often about just filling the yard up with every vehicle that comes available, based on scrap metal prices. But in London, scrap metal dealers and breaker yards have to consider costs more, so more work may be needed to get a good price.