We Deliver Scrap Car Leads To Breaker Yards And Motor Dealers throughout The UK

This is a small intimate operation with a limited amount of agents on our system. Ideally suited to businesses who cant justify the high monthly premiums asked for by the big web sites. We deliver from 400 to around 600 leads a month nationally, depending on time of year (summer and Christmas slows down). Most yards are looking for local leads, so these are split into regions. A simple login admin section will show you the basic details you need to decide if you wish to contact the customer and make an offer on the vehicle available.

peugeot scrap car lead to buy

How Much Does It Cost

  • Most regions = £30 a month. Payable 3 months a time. (£90 for 3 months) = £1 a day approx.
  • Most 2 regions = £50 a month. Payable 3 months a time (£150 for 3 months)

Obviuosly there are fewer cars coming though on a regional basis than national but lets be honest 1 or 2 good cars in 3 months would pay for this subscription by itself

  • Scotland and Northern Ireland £50 a month. Payable 3 months a time. (£150 for 3 months)

Because of the larger distances these cover we will be limiting Scotland and Northern Ireland to 2 agents each 1 North and 1 South.

  • Nationwide ie (all vehicles) = £120 a month = around £4 a day

Compare This To Local Newspaper Advertising

If you place adverts in your local newspapers, check out how much it costs your business a month and how many scrap car leads you recieve from that form of advertising.

We Are Looking For Agents In Many Area

Most areas have space, where there are leads not being serviced. You can get access to these scrap vehicle leads by contacting us and joining our system.

We Do The Internet Marketing

We are an internet marketing company, which started its online service in 2005, that brings buyers and seller together. Only those registered with us get access to the vehicles through our system within the allocated regions. We do not buy or deal in vehicles ourselves.

How To Join:

If you are a quality, experienced and well established UK Salvage operator, or vehicle dismantler (car, van, motorbike breaker) and would like more information then could we ask you please email us now marketing@scrap-car.co.uk us now.

Current Special Offers

Due to not having any agents in these areas: Scotland and Northern Ireland

We are looking for 2 agents to cover each of these areas at a very special exclusive price of only £50 a month. Contact us to see how many vehicles a month go to these regions.