What Is A Certificate Of Destruction

The COD, is a document that identifies that a vehicle has been completely destroyed or recycled, de-registered from the DVLA as set out by European laws. It should be issued to the last owner of the vehicle, which may not be you, depending on how the scrap car was disposed of.

certificate of destruction is a free document

Using an Authorised Treatment Facility which ensure you get that “Certificate Of Destruction”, to prove that you will never see that vehicle again on the road and it will be recycled in full accordance to EU laws. Each part or material in the scrap car will be recycled in a different way from the toxic chemicals within its battery, to the meltdown of the steel body. There are targets set for recycling of up to 95% meaning that almost everything within the vehicle will be re-used or reclaimed.

Free Takeback Service

These ATF’s are either brand specific, or a 3rd party concern working on behalf of that brand, sometimes called a “Takeback” service. In general, ATF’s are funded by the manufacturers themselves as the EU directive states that the manufacturers are responsible for disposing or recycling of their own vehicles, when they are no longer a viable option to keep registered on the road. It is illegal for them to ask you to pay for the service, they must provide it for free.

The “Certificate of Detruction” proves that the correct process was used on your "End of Life Vehicle" and takes the responsibility off the owner.

However it should be known that even through the process is free, no cash payment can be made for the scrap car, even if parts of it are in demand and has a true value.

Sometimes breaker yards advertise of ELV’s with a promise of money in return for the right models. There is nothing wrong with disposing your vehicle here, providing there is an understanding that no certificate will be issued to you, only to the new owner, in this case the new owner is the breaker yard when they are ready for the remainder, when valuable parts are sold, to be crushed. They are acting as a "middle man" service.

ATF's Offer Free Collection

There is also a responsibility to collect the vehicle and deliver it to the relevant Authorised Treatment Facility with no charge to the final owner, providing the vehicle is substantially intact. Breaker yards who have stripped the vehicle down for parts removing the engine for example will not be able to benefit from free collection.

More information on Certificates Of Destruction and other matters cab be found on this Government document. https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/415920/10-897-elv-regulations-guidance-june-2010.pdf