The Redcar Speedway

More commonly known as the “Redcar Bears Speedway”, which is located in Southbank Middlesbrough, in East England, (not far from Redcar) since 2006. During this time they have had limited success, mainly winning the premier league in 2007.

Redcar Bears

The official name of the actual speedway team, officially sponsored by a company called “Ecco Finishing Supplies”, also based in Midlesbrough They race under the promotion of the “BSPA” (British Speedway Promotion Association), 2018 there were 7 premiership clubs throughout the UK.

Videos Of Redcar Bears in Action

Behind the scenes with Redcar Bears and Newcastle Diamonds

Another Speedway race, this time Peterborough Panthers against Redcar Bears.

What Is Speedway Racing

It is best described as motorcycle racing around an oval dirt track for four laps which is done in 15 heats. The Speedway bikes are specially designed for the task and slide (or drift) around the corners adding to the excitement. The crowd sits around the track, so they see all the action.

These bikes are powerful, light in weight (to have a fast acceleration and be nimble whilst sliding around the corners) but have no brakes only one gear and it is believed that it dates back in some form or other to 1923 and from 1928 in the UK. A fixed sized engine of 500cc that can average speeds of 60mph, and up to 80mph in such a short space. There are different age (junior) and experienced riders within different competitions and 3 divisions, the highest being the premiership.

The Speedway Crowds

The attendance at the Middlesbrough circuit is up and down, but can deliver high home crowds for certain races and driven by local enthusiasts and families. And being an official motor sport, safety is a priority, for both riders and attendees. Like all motor sports, it can be relatively expensive to compete compared to other sports. But there is occasional coverage by BT Sport.

Full Address

  • Media Prima Arena, South Tees Motorsports Park
  • South Bank Road
  • Middlesbrough
  • TS6 6XH
  • Tel 01642 040302