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Scrapping My Car Locally Near Me

If are looking to dispose of your end of life vehicle or salvage car chances are you have used a term like this to search for local buyers. And lets be honest in many cases it does make sense to find scrappage dealers near you, for convenience and maybe the best money offer.

scrap my car near me

If your vehicle is local to the buyer, they will have

  • Lower collection costs.
  • Less wages to pay the driver or employee.
  • The employee is back to base quicker and able to pick more cars

These collection costs can easily add up if not managed correctly, so in many cases you are more likely to get a better deal locally for standard cars, and vans.

However Local Is Not The Complete Story

There are instances where you still may get a better deal, from nationwide collection services. This is where a firm sends out a multi vehicle truck and when calls come though for a vehicles available, will formulate a route to collect several vehicles at once.

Chances are though, these operators may be a bit more specific in what they are looking for. For example.

  • Cars that can be stripped down and their used parts have a high demand and value.
  • Vehicles of a certain make for specialists that only deal with that brand.
  • Dealers looking for specific vehicles to export.

Of course if the operator is already in that area, then it may be convenient for them already on the road to collect from you too.

Where Local Car Buyers May Not Be The Best Deal

Not all cars buyers strip them then re-sell the used parts within. Many are only scrap metal merchants and the profit to them are the metals within, which in itself is a volatile market. In this case, to them a Mercedes may not be worth any more than a Fiat.

Another consideration are the small one man operations, where the price of the vehicle is more critical to them and don’t have the ability to command higher re-sale part prices and will only buy bargains.

What Regions Do Agents Cover

Here is A general list of where agents will operate or are prepared to travel too. within these main towns there are also, regional areas too.

Getting A Choice, Several Car Buyers

This is why you should present your scrap car to several buyers both near you and afar, giving you more options. It is true that many dealers have a single ceiling to the price they offer for all cars, based on the fact that many customers “just want rid” quickly, with a newer car pending for the drive and want to keep things legal like insurance and on street parking.

But it is also true there are dealers who just cant get enough cars to satisfy their customer demands for used parts, exports or metal weight, will offer the best prices.

You have to remember these are business people and even though your old car may be personal to you and even part of the family. These scrap dealers don’t have that same affection. They look upon its purchase as a business investment, to be recycled or destroyed for some sort of profit.

There is only one way to find out which is which. Don’t just ring the nearest scrap yard. Use a service like www.scrap-car.co.uk. It is free to use, and if you do not get the quotes you want go back to the scrap my car services near you.