Who Are Agents

Most of the agents are scrap metal merchants or vehicle dismantlers who own their own breaker yards in your local area. We do not allow private individuals or those without a business bank account to access our system.

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This means they are regulated by law to dispose of scrap cars with valid environmental and End of Life Vehicle (ELV) certificates, which are normally inspected by the local council.

Cars Are Recycled For Parts Or Metals

These businesses need cars to fulfil their scrap metal of used part requirements and are therefore in most cases prepared to offer cash for most vehicles, if a cash offer is not given then that normally means the cost of disposal is higher than the value of the vehicle.

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After filling in a form, these agents will ring you about the vehicle, at this point you can establish who they are and where they are from, ensuring you have their contact details. Remember all contracts are between you and that vehicle dismantler, so it is important you understand that we are not responsible for any deals you broker.

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It would also be helpful, that if you change your mind about a particular deal, you inform that agent before any costs have occurred at their end. If you wait until, that agents come to pick up the vehicle before you inform them, you have changed your mind, this agent may have the right to ask for compensation for wasted time or resources.

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Receipts and Paperwork

Agents should present receipts or some sort of paperwork to confirm your deal (for their protection as well as yours), make sure you keep your copy safe for a little while.

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It is important you understand that once the deal is complete and ownership has transferred, what happens to that vehicle from that point on is up to the agent. However by far the most likely outcome, is the agent will strip the vehicle down for used parts, then sell off the metal, but then pay for other materials to be disposed of, in line with environmental practices and law as well as informing the DVLA.