What Is Your Vehicle Value

Agents need a regular supply of old scrap vehicles but there are many factors that affect the value of the vehicle you are trying to dispose of. In most cases the money you will receive will be based on the scrap metal value of that vehicle. Other considerations will be whether any of the parts within have a resalable value and of course this all depends on the demand for these parts and the age and condition, which may in some cases, be out of sync with the actual age or condition of your car.

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The older a car becomes, the less likely there will be a demand for car parts from your vehicle as it is likely there is already a good supply of these, unless you own a classic or sought after vehicle.

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In summary it is impossible to calculate the value, as metal prices constantly change and stocks of car parts vary from agent to agent, so the best way is to fill in a free form and get a quote.

The Cost To Agents Of Disposing Your Vehicle

It is worth mentioning that the agent who collects your vehicle also has considerable costs. He is legally bound to dispose of your vehicle in a legal and environmentally safe way, so that means agents have to pay to have many of the materials within a vehicle disposed of.

This includes

This means that whilst calculating the value of the vehicle, they must take into consideration these disposal costs.

An agent will also take into account the cost of collection

We often get asked about cars returning to the road.

In most cases the sum of the metal and parts is worth more than the car, that is before the costs of repair and resale, so this will only happen in rare occasions.

How To Get More Money For Your Vehicle

We have to be honest here; in most cases the only reason the vehicle is being sold on to a breakers yard, is because it is not road worthy or has little re-saleable value in the used car market. However in a few cases there may be some positive value you could make any interested parties aware of that may put a few more pounds in your pocket.

A Valid MOT Certificate

Sounds a bit crazy as it is very unlikely that any vehicle will re-sold on as a working car. But it can be a n indicator of the conditions of certain components within the vehicle. For example if an MOT was done recently and there are no advisories, a breaker yard may feel there will be more reusable parts that can be re-sold such as suspension, subframe, lights etc. Of course a 9 month old MOT certificate does not really reflect the condition of the vehicle today.

A Good Service History.

Anyone one looking to buy a second-hand engine, likes to know what condition it is in before purchase. So if a breakers yard can provide service history on that engine, it is likely it will be easier to sell. So if your old car has been looked after, let the potential buyer know. This also could relate to gearboxes and many other valuable assets within the vehicle.

more money of car if clean inside

A Clean Interior

Many vehicles that are collected are nothing more than a rusty shell with rotten interiors, but well kept seats and carpets can be valuable to any buyer. They must look very good though, any small holes or stains will make no difference to a bad interior.

Having the Correct Paperwork

Any time spent having to apply for documents and verification that you are the owner, takes time and costs money for the buyer. Some will walk away from vehicles without proper documentation; others may just reduce the price offered. Many businesses are inspected regularly.

no paintwork required bumper

Undamaged Bumpers And Lights

Of the items most often requested it is the right colour bumper and good un-scratched headlights. Most old cars have a had a scrape or two, so if your vehicle has not and are in good condition, where any new buyer would not need to repair them, this could add value to your vehicle.

What May Not Make Any Difference To The Price Offered?

There are some components that can't be resold and often costs a breaker yard to dispose of learn more her. Brake components are an example, no-one should buy used brake pipes, pads or disks. So the fact your vehicle stops well, may not bode into a better price offered.

Other items such as a good batteries is deemed as a basic item that comes with the vehicle as standard but a bad one, will result in a cost to dispose of in the required legal way.

Supply And Demand

Unfortunately this still applies in the old car and used parts market. A very good engine could be almost nothing if there is already an abundance of them in the yards with little demand. At the same time an engine needing attention could be valuable if it is the only one available in the country. This applies to all parts on your vehicle. What is true, is that if the buyer knows there is a demand for the parts, he will want your vehicle. All these things above will not guarantee you will get any more money, but it could be worth mentioning on the form when submitting the car for consideration.

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