About Us At www.scrap-car.co.uk

We were born through the need to help auto breaker yards find stock and to help those with an “End Of Life Vehicle”, either find a trade buyer or at least collect their vehicle from them. We bring buyers and sellers together through this simple marketing digital platform.

What Are The Costs?

There is no charge to consumers looking to dispose of their vehicle or any obligation. Completing the form, does not enter them into any contract or commitment.

We earn money from the “trade” side of this business model, those looking for scrap vehicles, with the intent to strip down and sell the parts, weigh in and benefit from scrap metal re-cycling or export. It is important to understand that no private individual can buy cars through this platform; the buyers must be in business and have proof of a website, social media and a business address.

The Law For Traders

They have a responsibility to adhere to the current laws in this sector. It may be useful to know, that scrapping a vehicle may consist only on removing it from the DVLA database as several vehicles can find them exported to areas of the world, where your old vehicle still has value.

When you sell your vehicle, or at least change ownership, the responsibility of it moves to the new owner, who now has the choice to do with it as they please. Their decision will be based on profitability, which in most cases will not involve trying to return the vehicle to the road.

We Are A Marketing Business Only

We see our role as marketers only, we do not purchase any vehicles, not do we favour any one client, or take part in any negotiations involved selling any vehicle. A car seller, puts their card in our digital window, with a description of a vehicle they want to dispose of. And trade buyers get access to that digital window and will contact the seller if they are interested.

We are often asked on Facebook and other social media for a price for their vehicle. We always politely decline and ask them to complete a form sp it os front of trade buyers.

Only the very minimal information is asked for in order for the trader/agent to make a decision to contact and offer a quote. We ask for a postcode, so the trader can calculate collection costs for example, but we do not ask for full address. The seller only needs to offer this when they have committed to a sale.

We spend our days, trying to keep ahead of search engine algorithms and update, writing blog posts and updating social media. If we can help someone get a few more quotes for their ELV, then we have achieved our goal.

We Never Sell Any Information

Did we say never? Of course we did, only the car traders on our system get access to the information you have provided, based on where you live. No other organization get access to this information.

We are based in the North East Of England

In Ingleby Barwick Stockton on Tees TS170YB to be precise.

You can contact us here admin at scrap.car.co.uk.