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Watching TV? How About I’m a Banger get Me out of Here!

The UK version of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out If Here has just finished with Harry being King of the jungle. We also had Dec and Holly presenting together for the first time and doing a grand job.

But what about if there is an Old Banger on your drive, how do you “Get It Out Of Here?

Call All The Local Breaker Yards

You could pick up a telephone with Yellow pages in hand and call all the local breaker yards to see if they will give a quote over the phone there and then. This is a typical day for a breaker yard owner or manager and when they receive the call have to make a quick decision to whether that banger on offer compliments their existing stock, valuable to weight in and recycle or just another duplicate model of what is already in stock.

That thought process will determine what price they offer or even if they are interested at all. The power is in their hands and quick decisions are not always the best.

Be prepared to put some time into this project, the decision maker does not always answer the phone. They are busy people, but at the same time if you don’t spend time selling the positive aspects of your banger vehicle, you could lose out.

Get Your Timing Right

Yards tend to have set clear out dates that could be monthly quarterly or yearly. This is where most vehicles are crushed and then transported to re-cycling. At this point they need stock and quick. Should your phone call occur at this time, you may find few extra quid in your pocket.

Experience shows that emailing or contacting through social media is not always the best way to communicate. Bigger yards with office staff tend to be better at this, but many of the smaller yards are not digital savvy and still do things the old fashioned way, phone or face to face only.

Use An Online Service Like Ours

By completing a simple online form, we can present your vehicle to several breaker yards, who will log in from time to time during the day, to look at potential purchases. They tend to do this when they have time to digest the information presented. They are not forced to commit of make a purchasing decision straight away, so the quote you get is more likely to reflect the genuine demand that breaker yard has for your old Banger.

Of course the well known yards tend to be the first stop for most public disposals. Yet it is very possible, some smaller yards hidden from public view are struggling to attain stock, so when your banger shows up, will make a higher quote to secure it. If your banger has a particular part that is “ out of stock” they may up the price to again parts they know there is a demand for.

Of course we would argue the second option is the easiest and likely to attain more money, but at the end of the day we respect that you may prefer the old “Dog and Bone“ process.

All that leaves me to say is. “I’m an article writer Get Me Out of here”!!!