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Various archived blog posts that relate to motoring and vehicles in general

  • Injuries You Can Get
    Removing parts can involve working under vehicles, unless suitable axle stands or professional ramps
  • Potentially Dangerous
    We used to take our tool boxes, be pointed to a relevant vehicle and then climb under towers of rusty old vehicles
  • Corsa Balanced
    Dramatic pictures supplied from the west Midlands Force Service shows a Vauxhall Corsa balancing on a crash barrie
  • Flood Damaged Car
    many salvage yards now have a fair share of flood damaged cars ready to sell off on behalf of the insurance companies
  • Fire Service Solution
    and most brigades rely on the generosity of the public to donate their aged vehicles
  • Revolution Golf GTi
    the first GTi was let loose on the people of Europe after its debut at the Frankfurt Motor show the year before
  • Scheme Raises 1/2 Million
    We are over the moon that a donation to Chestnut Tree House has helped Giveaca
  • India Sales Tax
    India is now deciding to tax new sales to help fight the extreme pollution it face through their nation
  • Emissions Norwich
    Currently the Norwich Council is investigating whether this can be done legally
  • No Smoking Law
    But how this law can be enforced is a critical question and what evidence the police would have to proved in order to get a conviction.
  • Thieves Are Losing
    it always seemed as of the criminals were one step ahead of manufacturers when it came to theft,
  • Cameras Increase Revenue
    The reality is that even is a drivers is caught at 71mph along the motorway, they could be liable to a £100 fine
  • £20m Investment Newcastle
    cool £20 million on upgrading some of its worst roundabouts that are no longer delivering efficient traffic flow
  • Yards Fueling Theft
    estimated there are about 800 illegal yards operating in the UK, the same number as legal
  • Coventry Festival Motoring
    still slides shows of the Coventry Festival for 2013. Some great pcitures of classics and modern transport
  • Cars Found in Mine
    The images show what was clearly an old scrap yard and its contents, even though one of the explorers thinks cars may have crashed down there
  • Orphaned Vehicles
    efficient in any industry but there are some vehicles that up to now have been excluded from recycling, these were known
  • MOT Life Destroyer
    Fundamentally the Ministry Of Transport test is there to make sure the vehicles we are safe to be on the road
  • Extra Costs Breakeryard
    especially from crashed vehicles. But in reality most old vehicles have stood a while before the decision
  • Incorrect Vehicle Disposals
    It’s estimated that 13 million vehicles are currently being held in unregistered dumps after being disposed of incorrectly
  • Jaguar Recycled Aluminuim
    recently Jaguar Land Rover have announced it will make all new vehicles with recycled metal right from the start
  • Jobs Lost Steel Industry
    The nation of China is accused of flooding the UK market with cheap steel at prices that the UK plants just can’t compete
  • Manufacturers No Brexit
    argument recently about whether the Motor Manufacturers would suffer should Britain exit the EU
  • Car Batteries Can Kill
    One area of concern is unregulated car battery recycling, this is a concern raised by NGO Pure Earth. During their research they identified 800 sites
  • Sunderland Nissan Brexit
    The forth coming referendum raises a real consideration for the people of Sunderland, if they vote to leave Europe would Nissan reduce investment
  • Skoda Brand Changed
    the Skoda brand gradually moved from public ownership in the early 1990’s. Eventually the great might of Volkswagen

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