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The invention of the motor car would eventually change or lives and allow us to fulfill dreams, jobs, holidays and business in a way our ancestors could not imagine. But with major manufacturing plants, global warming partly attributed to emissions from exhaust fumes, there came point in history where strict controls needed to be put in place. This covers from manufacturing processes, right through to the End of Live and recycle process that all vehicles in theory will now have to go through, due to European law.

But there are still opinions on all this, and lets not forget the enjoyment of motoring.

Opinions on Motoring ELV’s and Recycling

  • Honda Swindon Closing
    It is offcial, The Honda Plant in Swindon is clsoing in 2012, loss of 3500 jobs.
  • Daytona Pile Up
    21 stock cars were taken out of the race at Daytonas 500, 61st outing. Bit of carnage.
  • Salvage Vehicle Prince Phillip
    What is going to happen to Prince Phillips Landrover as it heads to the salvage yard after his road traffic accident.?
  • How Much Scrap Engine
    So does your old scrap engine have some worth?
  • Scrapping Your Motorhome
    Information regarding the process and costs, can your yard deal with it? Should you sell components first?.
  • President Trumps controversial decision to charge import tax on steel
    Can this affect the price of scrap cars and the prices of all recycled metals in the UK?
  • Considerations Of scrapping electric Vehicles
    What is the natural life span of an Electric car, due to cost of replacement batteries? Are the breaker yards ready?
  • Scrap Metal Types and Looking at End Of Life Vehicles
    Most cheaper models will be fabricated from steel using modern weather protection and holes to drain moisture and prevent damp spots. This does mean most modern vehicles are protected from corrosion better than they ever were.
  • So What is a Certificate Of Destruction (COD)
    Using an Authorised Treatment Facility which ensure you get that “Certificate Of Destruction”, to prove that you will never see that vehicle again on the road and it will be recycled in full accordance to EU laws.
  • Basics of the Car Battery.
    A core consideration is that all batteries needed to be rechargeable, initially from dynamos and then alternators. The circular movement of the engine once started would turn the alternator creating electricity which was fed back into the battery keeping it charged
  • How Long Before the Typical Japanese Model Comes to the End of its Life
    We all know how vehicle built in Japan tend to be built to high standard and have long trouble free lives. Well this can cause problems for used part suppliers who have a demand for spares for newer models under 10 years old
  • The Irish ELV Process, Does it Differ To UK
    There are registered treatment facilities (RTF's) that legally dispose and recycle these ELV’s and have specific targets to hit, sometimes over 65% of the vehicle has to be recycled in some form.
  • What is Your Car Grille About
    Modern vehicles are more likely to have a front grille made out of plastic, sometimes integrated to the front bumper and other times a separate unit. Often chrome frames and features are added, but much lighter than those of older cars.
  • Key Tyre Facts
    There are laws that define how deep the tread should be, within the UK for instance it must be at least 2mm, covering the whole width of the tyre
  • Stripping Down Brakes
    But before this can be done, all brake fluids need to be drained from the system. The normal process is to undo the bleed nipples on the wheel calipers
  • Defining Parts and Accessories
    Understanding the terminology a bit more to assist when searching for components to improve your motor.
  • UK Ford Mods
    Modifying your Ford and selling in the UK, even when it has come to the end of it's life.
  • BBC WatchDog Battery Investigation
    When contacting the RAC and asked the question, “How that 8 out of the 10 batteries deemed as good by their experts had been rejected by the RAC”
  • Watchdog Corsa D Investigation
    Many Vauxall Corsa D's manufactured from 2006 to 2014 have been reported catching fire. Watchdog investigates.
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Greenhouse gasses and the protection of our planet has become a primary subject for many world leaders and conservationists around the world. It means that breaker yards and Authorised Treatment Centres, have to work to standards never seen before. we can't no longer abandon vehicles, or just strip it down for parts. There are processes that need to be followed.