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How To Scrap A Vehicle For The Most Money

Even if your vehicle has “given up the ghost”, there could be some serious value left in it. But how you get the most money for your scrap car, will depend how quick you want the settlement and how much effort you are prepared to put into the process.

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The Quickest Option

Sometimes making the most money on this car, involves selling it quickly and using the transaction to buy a replacement that is currently on sale at a bargain price. In better words the savings of the new car outweigh any losses of a quick disposal of the old one. Speed of disposal can also be key, if you are parking on the road and any fines are likely to come your way, or where there is only one parking space and any new car will of course need priority. So selling quickly can in the, long term, save costs, that may otherwise come to fruition, trying to gain a few more pounds on a slower sale transfer.

So selling quickly can in the, long term, save costs, that may otherwise come to fruition, trying to gain a few more pounds on a slower sale transfer.

Lowering your expectations of a price, or even suggesting how much you could accept for the vehicle on condition they collect quickly could in the long term be more profitable.

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Using an online service like this one, or ringing around the local junk yards can get a quick sale and collection. Putting your vehicle in front of them, rather than waiting for them to find you, can make things move faster

The Highest Gain Option

This is where you have the time and space to shop around to get the best deal. He is the trick though, who says all the money has to come from one transaction?

First of all thinking ahead (if possible) and attempting to sell the vehicle, whilst it is safe to drive, insured and having a MOT, can add some money to the final offered quote. Waiting until it is down at heel and requiring a trailer to take it away, leaves the leverage with the buyer.

Stand back and look at any item than could be sold separately to the vehicle. For example, does it have alloy wheels? Could they be sold if replaced with steel ones? If you lose 50 pounds from the overall vehicle buyer, but gain 100 pounds from the separate wheel sale, you have gained 50 pounds there.

What about CD/radios, battery, parcel shelf, internal trim maybe even headlamps, this option can be repeated.. It is fair to say, that some spares are a slow sell. So just sticking them on Ebay may not bring and quick results, but of you can establish there is a demand for these spares, then you are in business.

You can sell on Gumtree, Shpock and Markeplace on Facebook and other online apps for free.

If you choose to leave these components on the vehicle, make sure you list all its assets and use them to gain the highest price during the negotiation process. Remember, those who buy vehicles like this are business people and if they will pay more, if they think they can make more profit.

The make and model and year of vehicle clearly will define what the demand for certain accessories will be. To get an idea, to what will sell, take some time to research Ebay listings and then add them to your watch list to see if they do. Do not assume that just because a listing is there at a certain price, this reflects market demand and value.

If you see any “Buy It Now listings” ending early, then you have some sort of indication there is demand out there. Maybe you can service that demand with spares from your old vehicle.

Immediate Supply

One other important point whilst selling parts, is that when a buyer needs a spare it tends to be urgent, less so for accessories. If the engine has seized on a motor, getting a replacement is urgent, but changing steel wheels to alloy ones can take more time. So if you are selling assets from your vehicle, decide whether the buyer is likely to need it immediately or in more time. Change your delivery times to suit.

Unfortunately for most having a vehicle that can’t be driven is just a wasted asset and the quicker it is gone the better. So the auto breaker yard is the most likely place it will end up, with a quicker payment.

The Easiest Option

You could complete a form here and let different agents, quote on your vehicle and then choose the highest offer. There is no obligation, so if it doesn’t work out, you still opt for another direction.