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How To Dispose Of An Old Car

There are many options to sell a roadworthy car with MOT and plenty of life left from local adverts, trade buyers, and online portals to Ebay. But what happens when that old car is coming to the end of its useful life, (often referred to as an "End Of Life Vehicle") what are the disposal options?

The first question to ask yourself is whether you want any re-numeration for the old car, or would you prefer to give away to other causes. Let’s look at the donation options first.

Old green car ready for disposal

Donate Your Car To Your Local Fire Station

Fire fighters have a secondary role of attending RTA’s (Road Traffic Accidents) and being responsible for removing passengers from wrecked cars in situ using cutting equipment. In order to get this right at the roadside fire fighters need to practice and train.

Many of the ELV cars they use during training sessions have been donated from the general public.

So not only will your vehicle be eventually disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, but could actually help to save lives, giving our brave firefighters some comprehensive training, using real vehicles to simulate real accidents

Obviously don't just ring 999, but either pop down and visit your local fire station, or try to find the local phone number, to arrange collection. Or even better if you can deliver to them.

Donate Your Car To Charity

There are nationwide respected charities that will accept old cars and then sell it to local breaker yards or the trade in order to raise funds for their cause. Charities who accept vehicles include

  • Cancer Research UK
  • Crisis
  • Make A Wish
  • Marie Curie
  • Oxfam
  • Salvation Army
  • Water Aid

This is just a small example. Obviously you can’t just turn up at a local office and hand over the keys. You should first contact the charity concerned and find the best way to hand over ownership.

Sell To A Breakers Yard

This is probably the most common option that most will opt for. Your car may be at the end of its life but of the parts within will still have much life left. Breakers yard will off money for your old car and then strip down the valuable parts to sell. All other components including plastics, chemicals will be disposed of within EU laws and core metal recycled and re-used.

You can ring your local yard or complete a price request on an online service like this one.

Advertise To Banger Racing Teams

If your vehicle is structurally sound and a powerful engine, there could be a banger racer driver looking for your car. Identify the forums that banger racers frequent and look for the section of the online forums that allow you to publicise your offering. Remember to upload photos and promote what is still good about your car.

Could be great fun seeing what was your vehicle being wrecked in a banger race, or maybe not!!!

It Is Illegal For You To Scrap A Car

Only trade business that have been licensed by the local council can legally scrap a car and dispose of it. This is to ensure it is done to within the laws, set by the European Union and to prevent car crime, such as changing identities and theft.

But that does not mean that certain things cannot be sold separately to the vehicle before send the car of to be scrapped.

Examples could be-

  • Expensive stereo systems
  • Alloy wheels (replace with steel)
  • Accessories: dog guards, addition spotlights, roof racks.

Do Not Forget the Paperwork

No matter how you choose to dispose of your old car, it is critical to ensure that the correct paperwork is completed and sent off to the DVLA. This is just as important for a donation as receiving payment for the car.