Privacy Data Information

This is a free service, where we present your details to potential buyers of old, salvage and end of life cars

Our service is run as part of our internet marketing company, We take all the basic neccessary precautions

Your Privacy Is Very Important To Us, So We Never

  • Present your information to anyone who is not a vehicle buyer and registered on our system as a trade buyer.
  • Sell your details to third party companies, not registered with us
  • We Only Ask The Minimum Of Questions

    We only ask sufficient questions, so that a potential scrap car buyer, can make an informed decision to buy or collect your vehicle.

    Questions We Ask About Your Vehicle

  • Make and Model of vehicle
  • Year and Registration
  • Has it, correct paperwork, Keys and wheels?
  • Questions about you

  • Postcode of vehicle (so agent can decide if in a position to collect)
  • Your name, telephone and email address. (so agent can contact you with a quote, or ask more questions)
  • What We Don't Ask

  • We don't ask for full address. (you can decide to offer it, once you have located an agent you want to deal with)
  • We don't ask anything personal about the owner, or financial questions
  • What Happens When You Complete The Form?

  • A list of agents who cover your area, will receive your completed form and then contact you, if they are interested in your vehicle
  • We Never Cold Call

    Cold calling is not a practice that we believe in.

    Our simple conditions of use and privacy data information can be found here.