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By far the most important document you need to dispose of your vehicle is the V5 registration document (or V5c) which is the same paperwork you would normally use to sell the vehicle. A more common name for this, would be the "Logbook" in America it would be called its "Title" or an old fashion term, is "Green Slip", we often hear in movies.

If you do not have this paperwork, it may still be possible to go ahead with the process, but the agent may alter his offer price to suit the extra cost he will suffer applying for lost, logbooks, documents or a the HPI check that may occur to prove ownership. Please state this whilst filling in the form here on scrap-car.co.uk

car documentation

Always complete the right documentation when disposing of your vehicle

This V5 change of ownership documentation is a 2 part process (you action 1 part and the agent the other), that informs the DVLA that the ownership of the vehicle has changed, for your protection.

Other documentation like MOT certificates and receipts for repairs can have a value but not always, but it is worth mentioning especially of you have replaced parts that have a good resalable value.


vehicle receipt

Always make sure you receive a receipt for the vehicle of some sort even if no money has changed hands, this should clearly state the business name and address. We often get phone calls from consumers who have forgotten who they had disposed their vehicle with.

Claim Back Your Vehicle Exise Duty

If your vehicle is still being used, say up to its M.O.T, or has just given up for good, there may be a possibility that there is still some road tax or Vehicle Exise Duty paid for. It is no longer possible to transfer this road tax with the sale, so here is your opportunity to claim all full months back. You can do this online by visiting the DVLA website. Gone are the days, where you would take your tax disc to the Post Office to get a refund. Moneys will be transfered directly into a bank accoun.

PLEASE NOTE. Only businesses can be agents within this website. No one should contact you as a private buyer, if they do please let us know.