Is It Right The Police Should Install Cameras To Increase Revenue

It has been reported in the independent that Bedfordshire Police intend to install speed cameras that have zero tolerance for the purpose or raising cash.

The reality is that even is a drivers is caught at 71mph along the motorway, they could be liable to a £100 fine. This has caused an outrage, which could set a precedent nationwide. The argument is that the police force is there to save lives and it goes against a government pledge that speed cameras would never be a revenue earning tool. But the commissioner of Bedfordshire Police has stated that only those who break the law will be fined everyone else would have nothing to worry about.

Organisations Have Their Say

Motoring organisations are up in arms, supporting safety reasons for the use of cameras, but condemning them being used to fund the force. The plan would cover stretches of the M1 and could have save 25 police officer jobs, who patrol this area.

A question not asked or answered is based on whether cameras in pace for safety reasons stay in place and these are extra ones, which clearly have to be maintained and monitored.

Is Speeding A Crime Or Not?

Speeding fines have always been contentious. Often going over the limit is not seen as a crime and of course we see it not just every day, but pretty much constantly on our roads. It is also fair to say, most of not all drivers have broken the speed limit at some time.

Compare this to other crimes which in theory they all do have zero tolerance. But speeding is not socially seen as a crime, it is seen as a cat and mouse game, if you are caught so be it, but most do it anyway as part of living a fast stressful life.

Government Money

The money received from any fines does not go directly to the police force but to the treasury. But the second option of only paying £90 and attending a speed awareness course is cheaper and more favourable as the driver does not get any points on their licence. This money does go to the local force and could raise millions in revenue if this plan goes ahead.