Motor Manufacturers Don't Want A Brexit

There has been much argument recently about whether the Motor Manufacturers would suffer should Britain exit the EU. Some anti Europe supporters insisting that because we import more vehicles than we export, business would not suffer. Nigel Farage recently quoted that not one single job would be lost in the motoring industry with a "Brexit".

Toyota shows how it is made
"Toyota states it's business is integral to Europe"

However those opinions have not been echoed by the British Motoring industry themselves with members of the SMMT overwhelmingly supporting the notion that Britain should stay within the EU, with a majority opinion of 77% more than three quarters of the members. Only 9% stated they thought they would better away from the Union.

Last year saw record breaking sales figures for new vehicles and the risk of that being affected by an unknown trade deal is just too much of a risk for manufactures. Access to market was defiantly seen as a positive to staying in the EU. what has not been identified, is what manufactures would have still come to the UK, had Britain never been in the UK?

It is recognised that should Britain leave the EU, there it is unlikely that there will be an immediate knee jerk reaction to the move, but over time it is suggested that potential investment will move to European countries and eventually the motor industry would suffer.

14% of the vote is still unsure of what a "Brexit" would mean for the industry.

It should be noted that none of the large manufactures are actually British owned.