It Looks Like The Thieves are losing

Car crime has been big business for decades now, it always seemed as of the criminals were one step ahead of manufacturers when it can to theft, or at worst only a few months behind. We have heard the stories of keyless entry signals being intercepted by someone standing nearby with some sort of electronic equipment, right down to standard devices that can slip down through the window of any vehicle to lift the lock.

Of course the days of hot wiring like we see on USA detective shows has long gone the advancement and access to technology has been nothing short of phenomenal. But not restricted to manufacturers so unscrupulous electronics expert have been able to sell devices that will give access to many vehicles.

Security Advice from Northumbria Police

But the RAC has now reported that vehicle crime is not at a 20 year low. It states that break ins and theft has dropped by a whopping 80% since 1993, unbelievable results. These figures also take into account that there are 8 million more vehicles on the road now.

It seems that immobilisers and the like are making a real difference where the rewards are not worth the effort of being caught. Street cameras and number plate recognition has also reduce the locations it was safe to steal from, often outside of car parks and public places. The joy riders of the 1980's have all but gone, significant investment has to take place now to steal. What wasn't stated in the report is the re-sale prices of used vehicles are one of if not the lowest in Europe, another deterrent.

Of course to a much smaller amount of gangs it can still be business as usual, most likely aimed at the high end and with the goal being the parts, or getting those vehicles abroad to countries where Vehicle Id Numbers and the like have no value.

So it still make sense to be careful where you park, always lock up and don't assume that because the statistic suggest a big improvement, that it won't happen to you.