Nissan Sunderland and The Possible EU Brexit

A major debate subject relating to the forthcoming referendum to stay in or leave the EU has been based around the motor manufacturing industry and none as much as Nissan based in Sunderland in the North East of England.

black Nissan Leaf manufactured in Sunderland

Sunderland manufactures the Electric powered Nissan Leaf. How will they deal with Brexit

Nissan has been a huge success, often outperforming similar factories in Japan; it has proven what an outstanding workforce there is in the North East and its commitment to high quality.

The forth coming referendum raises a real consideration for the people of Sunderland, if they vote to leave Europe would Nissan reduce investment, or even move the plant away into another European base?

Carlos Ghosn recently stated there was no reason to believe investment would be reduced should a “Brexit” occur, he did go on to suggest that future investment will chosen on a case by case scenario and he felt it better for business to stay.

In 2015 over 475,000 vehicles were manufactured there and 80% of them exported, so anything that may restrict exportation or increase costs would be a concern.

The Other Side of The Sunderland Motoring Industry

As far as the Sunderland scrap yard scene is concerned there may be a different argument. The value of metal is a key to their profitability and in the cheap import of Chinese steel, which cannot be controlled because of European directive, has hurt businesses. If the prices of vehicles in general, rise because of the UK leaving the EU, this could raise the price of used parts and core metal which may increase profits.

The Dilemma Of The Two Motoring Industries

In terms of job creation, Nissan delivers more employment than the scrap yard businesses within Sunderland, so is likely to have a bigger impact to the result and would affect Sunderland seriously should a “Brexit” force them to leave the UK.

Other Industries and the Social Argument

Of course many decisions will not be made because of the motoring sector, there are many other industries and small businesses within “Wearside” and of course we have those social factors such as immigration to be considered. But Nissan has been ion Sunderland since 1981 and is integral to its success and future, so may affect voters more than in other towns and cities nationwide.