Maybe The Fire Service Is The Solution

It is often surprising to find out how hard it is to dispose of an old car that has past it’s best, so for most there is only one solution, which is that lonely collection trip to the local breaker yard. But for some, who do not want any monetary reward for disposing their ELV or old car, there may be another option of the local Fire Service.

Clearly the fire brigade need to practice their operations at road accidents which involves cutting drivers and passengers from their vehicles, and most brigades rely on the generosity of the public to donate their aged vehicles. Often the fire brigade can get a supply of vehicles from the police collecting vehicles that have road tax outstanding on them, but this is not a foregone conclusion and so goes out calls of charity to owners looking to dispose of their vehicle.

One such Fire Brigade is based in West Sussex and have recently appealed for cars for numerous stations across that region to help with training related to road traffic accidents. This training can mean the difference of life or death, such the brigade will not offer money for the cars, but are prepared to collect them for free and will of course ensure all the correct documentation is completed.

If you have a car to donate, you can contact the West Sussex Fire Brigade at this number 01243 642880