All Jaguar Land Rover Vehicles To Be Made From Recycled Aluminium

Most of us know that when a vehicle gets to the end of its life most components in some way can be recycled to make other useful objects, especially the metals within. But recently Jaguar Land Rover have announced it will make all new vehicles with recycled metal right from the start. This has been seen as an innovative idea and one that is sure to catch with other manufacturers.

Going forward all models will be manufactured using recycled aluminium that will contain at least 75% of recycled alloy, RC5754. This is not a rash judgement it has taken 8 years of tests to eventually get to this stage. This also follows the successful launch of the Jaguar XE that already is being built with RC5754 to 75%.

silver Land Rover froont view Paris Motor show Of course it a body shell is more than just a nice shape, there are legal, structure rigidly , safety, durability and many more other performance tests it needs to satisfy to ensure Jaguar Land Rover customers still get the quality vehicle they have been used to.

It is sure to capture the respect of those campaigning to reduce carbon emissions and reduce land fill. It may also be a cost saver or at least give the ability to remove core costs from metal prices that rise and fall due to the economy. Jaguar Land Rover is owned by Tata an Indian company and what isn't yet sure is where this recycled aluminium will come from, India or the UK or both.