The Injuries You Can get From Working In A Breaker Yard

Stripping down cars and dealing with the chemicals and materials used within vehicle can be a dangerous job if the right precautions are not taken. But of course accidents do happen he are some of the injuries accustomed with this line of work working in breaker yards.

Crush Injuries

Removing parts can involve working under vehicles, unless suitable axle stands or professional ramps are used, there is a risk of crush type injuries.

be prepared for first aid when working in a breaker yard

The First aid advice for this type of injury is based on the length of time the crushing affect has been in place, i.e., within 15 minutes or longer. For periods under 15 minutes, try to release the weight of the crushing (i.e. jacks), then call the emergency services and deal with any bleeding that may occur. If the patient has been under the weight for over 15 minutes, call the emergency services and let them deal with the crushing affect.

Body Lacerations

There can be sharp items within any vehicle from rusty metalwork to glass. Try to clean wound with clean water then try to stop bleeding with bandages or dressings, depending on the depth of cut. Sometimes antiseptic wipes or similar can be used, but with deeper cuts, it may be best to control bleeding first. Depending on the size of wound would determine whether emergency services are called or a visit it A and E or no further attention is required.

Burns Both Fire And Acids

Clearly the fuel within ant vehicle can be a fire hazard, but it is also worth mentioning other chemicals that can burn, such as the acid found in batteries.

According to www.myfirstaidcourses, the best way to apply first aid and help with thermal burns is to immerse the burn under cool (not freezing ) water for around 30 minutes. Remove all jewelry and restricting clothes.

With chemical burns, try to dilute the affected area with water, being careful not to allow the water to spread further across the body. So the relevant body part should not be immersed fully in water. Depending on the serious of burns, call emergency services take to AandE, or use dressing to keep it clean.