Around 100 Old Cars Found In A Slate Mine In Wales

Imaging you were a cave explorer and then one day you came across a disbanded mine that contained old cars from the 1970s. well this is what has been reported by the Daily Mail on a news report that show these extraordinary images of what they claim to be up to 100 cars in different conditions.

Video including some of the images taken.

The images show what was clearly an old scrap yard and its contents, even though one of the explorers thinks cars may have crashed down there. There is conflict with the time line also, as the mine supposed an old slate mine was reportedly closed in 1960 and the cars in question are from the 1970's. Again taking into account how old these vehicles would be before they were scrapped, the actual length of time they have been down there could again be less than this, maybe the 1980's.

Not Open To The Public

The mine is located in Ceredigion, Wales, and is believed to be 200 ft deep and certainly not recommended for any amateur explorers.

It does question how so many cars could have found themselves in one cave stacked on top of each other is a mountain of rusty car parts.