How To Define What Are Accessories

There is a lot of terminology out there referring to maintenance, improvement and repairing of your motor car, but how do you define what is what. So for example how to search or locate an item for your motor under the accessories or parts titles.

fluffy dice accessory on windscreen

Lets Start with Those Parts

These tend to be grouped within the repair, maintenance and servicing aspects of your vehicle including trim, seat etc. In most cases what is standard on purchase.

Examples Of Parts Could Be-

  • Exhaust Pipes
  • Rear Axles
  • Starter Motor
  • Front Radiator
  • Petrol Tank

chrome exhaust box

But where the item can be seen as something adds value, or upgrades the physical look of the car, then using the term accessory may be more suitable.

Examples Of Accessories

  • Rear Dog Guard
  • Steering Wheel Cover
  • Rear Seat Protectors
  • Go Faster Stripes
  • Front Bullbar
  • Towbar and Lights

As you can see the above list does not affect the running or reliability or the motor in question.

But there is another types of accessory and that is those that are never actually fixed to the vehicle but used to assist in other motoring situations.

Such As

  • Electric Tyre Inflator.
  • Sat Nav
  • Cleaning Materials such as Wax and Chamois leather.

OEM Accessories Versus Aftermarket

Anyone buying a brand new car will often get the option of upgrading by buying accessories within their branded brochures. These genuine articles will be deemed as OEM and original, obviously will cost more, but should add more value to the vehicle in question. But it is possible to buy aftermarket versions that will do the same job, often with the same or similar quality too from accessory shops. The word “Aftermarket” is kind of another way of saying “copy”, but is avoided as these are legal and designs can still be unique, even though they do the same job.

But There Is A Crossover

Sometimes you can add items to the car to improve performance, such as a bigger turbo charger and for this still to be called a part, even though it is a non standard item of kit. Adding the word “Performance” or “Competition” at the beginning of the description is also a hint that the component is not standard.

Catalogue Or Brochure

A clear giveaway, is when the item is listed with a catalogue or a glossy brochure. OK this is not an exact science, but normally parts are listed within catalogues and accessories within a brochure. The latter being something sells the dream, where the former lists an essential item to repair or service.

Lets not forget those gift items, that may be found in supermarkets or non specialized shops. Car cleaning kits and Satellite Navigation units as examples.

How Do Resell Values Compare?

Well firstly not all accessories are re-usable, say go faster stripes or anything that is glued on. But there are products that can be used between old and new models for examples when trading in. If these are left on the old model, they cold be sold separately. Second hand Bullbars for example or alloy wheels can often be sold easily.

Most parts are re-usable and this is where breaker yards can contribute to reducing energy emissions by selling and creating a second life for these components