Bad Weather For The UK

The “Beast from the East” combined with Storm “Emma” brings snow across the UK at a unprecedented level not seen for decades. So bad that the Met Office issued several “Red Warnings” (a risk to life) across Britain from Scotland down to the South West. For drivers there came misery, many spending nights in their vehicles as even motorways, became unpassable like the M62 and M8.

Roads were littered with abandoned cars, some after being involved in minor crashes, some more serious with nothing less than a salvage yard to look forward to.

Of course drivers were warned of the dangers. “Do not make any journey unless absolutely essential” was mentioned on all TV and radio stations, but reports of stupidity were frequent.

4X4 owners were asked to help get essential staff to work, to hospitals, care homes and the like, the armed forces were also called in to help.

We Brit's would often joke, that the country always comes to a standstill with a bit of snow, but no-one can deny this is something extraordinary.

In the aftermath, insurance companies will be busy inspecting and assessing crashed and salvage vehicles and where here is either 3rd party insurance, or no point to claim on any policy, these cars will be heading to the local scrap yard.

Ironically normal recovery vehicles found it to treacherous to collect any vehicles, especially where trailers are involved. So they will stay abandoned until the snow clears.

The bad weather was not restricted to the UK, it crossed across most of North Europe with similar consequences